Welcome to the Unofficial Lif Serengeti Guide WikiEdit

Lif Serengeti is a free online game found at and is the sequel game to Lif, also found at the same location. I noticed that there is no wiki specific to Lif Serengeti, so I decided to make one, as I am obsessed with Lif and Lif Serengeti. It is unofficial, but could still grow into a powerful resource with your help. You can contribute easily by editing and adding pages to this Wiki, and I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. ^.^

This wiki was specifically created to help people who are new to Lif but that are intrested in learning. We also hope to contain something for old players, too, who simply may have a question. Or maybe someone is simply lonely, and wants to find someone to talk to in multiplayer who won't kill them on first sight XD

Never the less, it doesn't matter what you came here for, just that your here, and we're glad to have you! We hope to, in time, have many players of Lif Serengeti, both old and new, gather here to get the latest info or simply to chat. Maybe someone has a bug and wants to ask if anyone else has encountered it; they can ask here! But time will only tell if we will furfill the dream I invision for this wiki, so, let's turn this story-to-come over to time, who will mold and shape us as he sees fit. 

And, by the way, I don't normally celebrate holidays, but I'm not the religious type either, and everyone else is saying it, so, Merry Christmas! (Hold on...I think Christmas has already passed, right? O.o)

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